A Customized Package of Health Benefits designed to fill the holes in most Group, ACA & Major Medical Plans.

A Customized Solution

The perfect match for your traditional Group, ACA or Major Medical health plan

Whether it's in the form of a deductible, missing benefits or one size fits all coverage, the average health insurance has several holes in it. Custom Care is a specially tailored package of benefits, designed fill in many of the holes in your current coverage.

Concierge Billing and Claims Assistance

Let an expert take the reins

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White Glove Service

A dedicated assistant will contact your doctor, dentist or medical facility to set up your coverage in advance.

Benefit Verification

Your provider will know your exact benefits, which reduces billing errors and claim delays.

Fix Inaccurate Claims

A claims expert will review and dispute all mis-billed and inaccurate medical claims at no additional cost.

Locate your Provider

Custom Care provider lookup service can look up and locate providers and their ratings.

peace of mind

bullet proof your benefits

exclusive client portal

Access our exclusive client portal which provides direct chat access with your Billing Assistant and Claims Specialist.

Extensive reference materials and other info designed to give you the best coverage experience possible are available 24/7.

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